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Quantities are limited. Orders will be taken on a first-come, first served basis.

Whole Beef  ::  $2,600-$3,120 ($750 Deposit Required)

EST. 400 lbs.   APPROX 2/3 of a stand alone freezer or 40 cubic feet.

  • 10-12 chuck roasts (3 lb. ea.)

  • 15-16 pkg. short ribs  (1lb. ea.)

  • 8-9 round roasts (3 lb. ea.)

  • 4 bottom round roasts (3lb. ea.)

  • 4 sirloin tip roast (3lb. ea.)

  • 2 brisket (weight varies)

  • 8-9 pkg. sirloin steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 12 pkg. T-bone steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 8 pkg. tenderloin steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 15-16 pkg. rib steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 8-9 pkg. stew meat (1lb. ea.)

  • 50-60 pkg. hamburger (1lb. ea.)

  • 4 pkg. soup bones (3lb. ea.)

Half Beef  ::  $1,300-1,560  ($400 Deposit Required)

EST. 200 lbs.  APPROX 6 shelves in a side by side freezer or 20 cubic feet.

  • 5-6 chuck roasts (3lb.ea.)

  • 7-8 pkg. short ribs (1lb. ea.)

  • 4-5 round roasts (3lb. ea.)

  • 2 bottom round roasts (3lb. ea.)

  • 2 sirloin tip roast (3lb. ea.)

  • 1 brisket (weight varies)

  • 4-5 pkg. sirloin steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 5-6 pkg. T-bone steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 4 pkg. tenderloin steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 8 pkg. rib steaks (2 per pkg.)

  • 2-3 pkg. stew meat (1lb. ea.)

  • 15-20 pkg. hamburger (1 lb. ea.)

  • 1 pkg. soup bones (3 lb. ea.)

*Please note that all animal weights are not exactly the same and each animal yields differently.  The above amounts are only estimates given by USU extension.  Grass-fed beef is leaner than normal store bought beef.  It may not taste the same as beef purchased in the grocery store.  Grain-fed beef will have more fat and marbling which tends to add more flavor.  


You can estimate how much you are paying per pound of meat in your freezer based on the hanging weight of a whole steer using ratios.  For example, say you have an 800 lb steer on the hook, (hanging weight) and the rancher charges $4.40/lb hanging weight and is including the slaughter and butcher fees.  To find the estimate of cost per pound of the meat in your freezer, you would divide your cost per pound of the hanging weight, by the ratio of cut and wrapped weight to hanging weight.  For this example, it's $4.40/0.65 or $6.77. per pound of meat in your freezer.  

Other ranchers sell consumers live animals and expect the consumer to find a butcher, transport the animal to the butcher, pay a separate butcher and slaughter fee, and then pick up from the butcher.  Hirschi High Country Beef will take care of all the logistics for you.  We have included all butcher fees into the total cost of meat.  One payment.  We will deliver the animals to the butcher.  We will have the cut and packaged beef at a central location in Davis County for pick up.  

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