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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order?
    1. Contact us via email at or call 303-704-7064 to make a deposit on your whole or half beef order. 2. Once the deposit has been verified, you will receive a purchase receipt and butcher form to indicate how you would like your beef cut and packaged. 3. You will be contacted with the exact hanging weight and cost of your beef. Payment instructions will then be sent. FULL PAYMENT FOR BEEF MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE YOU PICK UP YOUR MEAT.
  • How much meat will I actually get?
    Typically 40% of the live weight of the animal is what you will yield in meat. Please note that this is just an estimate and animals are not all the same. Each animal will yield differently.
  • What does the term "Live Weight" mean?"
    The weight of the live animal before slaughter.
  • What does the term "Hanging Weight" mean?"
    The hanging weight is how much the animal weighs "on the hook", or after it's been slaughtered, and field dressed. The hanging weight is mostly meat, but still includes a lot of bone that cannot be used for much. For example, a 1200 lb animal on the hoof (live weight) will have a hanging weight of about 60-65% of it's live weight--about 780lb hanging weight. Of that 780 lb hanging weight, you should estimate to get 60-68% of that in meat--about 507lb meat cut and wrapped.
  • How much freezer space will I need?
    A half beef will need about 2/3 of a stand alone freezer. (About 20 cubic feet). A whole beef will need about 6 shelves in an upright freezer. (About 40 cubic feet).
  • What if I don't have enough space for a whole or half beef?
    Ask friends or family members to go in together and share the beef. That way you are getting the best bang for your buck and your friends and/or family benefit too.
  • How long will beef stay good in the fridge or freezer?
    Beef should be consumed within 2-3 days of thawing. The USDA recommends that frozen beef should be kept in the freezer for no more than 18 months as freezer burn can result. This will vary depending on the cut of meat.
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