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Hirschi High Country Beef


The SWH Ranch

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 1956

  • SWH Ranch runs its cattle in South East Idaho in the summer months and along the Great Salt Lake in the winter months.    Our cattle always have plenty of good grass to eat in either location.  Some winters we do supplement our animals with good, clean alfalfa and or grass hay.   

  • Summer Pasture - All of our mountain pasture is over 6100 feet in elevation providing good, sweet grass and a cool climate for our animals to thrive.  Bear lake and Caribou counties have some of the best cattle country in the world.   The high country grass is strong and provides great growth for calves and great nutrition for mother cows.  

  • Water - Good clear mountain water is important for animal health and growth.   Clear mountain streams and spring fed troughs dot the ranch to ensure that every animal can get a cool drink without having to walk for miles.  Water is critical to maintain good animal health and growth.   

  • Winter Pasture -  Our cattle graze along the shores of the Great Salt Lake in the winter months which provides a much milder, easier climate for them to winter.  We don't like 40 degrees below zero weather, and they don't either.  We think the cattle look forward to the truck ride to warmer temperatures in November of each year.  The milder temperature provides a better environment for calving each spring, which helps the young calves survive and thrive. 

  • Animal care - We take great pride in taking care of our animals all year long by providing them a great environment and excellent feed.  When we do have to work our cattle, providing the mothers with shots and well care, they are handled in a very nice set of corrals that limits the stress on the animals and ensures their welfare.     


Our Story

SWH Family Ranch

Scott grew up in the Bear Lake Valley where his ancestors were key in settling.  His great-grandfather was one of the first to run and raise cattle in the valley.   Scott was privileged to follow in his steps and grew up raising cattle with his grandfather and father.  Cattle ranching is in his blood.  It has always been a dream of his to own his own ranch and pass on his knowledge and passion to future generations. 


Ranch life is a good way to raise and teach 5 sons and 1 daughter the value of hard work.  SWH RANCH is a proud, first generation owned and operated family ranch.  We take pride in providing local, pasture fed beef to the community.

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